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sealWelcome to L.A. County’s  Core Practice Model (CPM) website. This site is a resource to provide county professionals with tools, guidance and support as they implement the CPM – a deeper way to work with families to improve safety and outcomes for children.


Thoughts on Safety

Tips For When You Get Stuck

Self Assessment Guide



Why I Believe in the Model

DCFS and DMH professionals share their perspectives in the CPM poster series.


L.A. County Professionals Share Their CPM Insights

Watch social workers, therapists and others share their CPM tips and experiences.

Watch Our Latest Video

See firsthand how the CPM made a difference for one family in our new testimonial video.

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Social Worker Public Square

Insight and Inspiration
From Our Field


Bobby Lefebre, a social worker and award-winning spoken word artist.

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We invite you to ask questions about the CPM on our CPM Forum page.